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Planting Native Trees

The Million Metres Streams Project

We're supporting restoration planting along New Zealand's waterways with the Million Metres Streams Project. Join us to help create thriving ecosystems that look after and protect New Zealand's waterways into the future.

We are donating $2.50 to the Million Metres Streams Project for every product of Kawakawa & Manuka Topical Cream, Hempseed Lotion and Pure Magnesium Oil.

You can also make your own contribution by purchasing a range of six selected native tree species. The total cost less transaction fees is donated directly to the funding, maintenance and care of native tree plantings, ensuring they survive and proliferate. The project you support receives the funds and plants the trees the next winter.

Restoring Rangihoua Wetland - Waiheke

Native Trees

Harakeke thumb
Harakeke Flax
Kahikateatree thumb
Kahikatea Tree
Manatutree thumb
Manatu (Ribbonwood) Tree
Manukatree thumb
Manuka Tree
Rimutree 1 thumb
Rimu Tree
Ti koukatree thumb
Tī Kōuka (Cabbage) Tree



The Million Metres Streams Project  New Zealand

Our waterways are in dire straits

Recent statistics about our waterways are not good news. 44% of all monitored lakes are polluted beyond the point of eutrophication, and 62% of our lowland rivers have more pathogens than are safe to swim in. The stats are even worse for lowland lakes in farmland – a whopping 84% are so polluted they become eutrophic. In fact many of our waterways are so bad that even our native fish have disappeared. It’s not the clean green image we associate with New Zealand is it? And without significant intervention now, it’s only going to get worse.


Riparian planting – a solution worth investing in

Riparian restoration (replanting the banks of streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands) is a valuable tool for improving water quality and enhancing freshwater biodiversity. While it is not the one magic bullet that will fix all the problems it is a great start. Local councils, farmers and community groups around New Zealand have already made a start replanting rural and urban waterways.

Planting Trees

Riparian planting has the following benefits:

  • Reduce erosion and sedimentation by trapping sediment before it enters the stream
  • Filters phosphorus and industrial contaminants before they enter the stream
  • Buffer the impacts of floods by acting as sponges to hold excess water
  • Provide cool shaded habitat and food for native species
  • Sequester carbon.

The health of our waterways affects all New Zealanders, so we all need to be part of the solution. Because if we don’t do something now, who will?

Native Fern

Million Metres is helping committed kiwis raise the money they need to get large scale tree planting happening along our waterways through crowdfunding. Their goal is to collectively fund a million metres (or 1000 kilometres) of tree planting along stream banks around New Zealand. 

To find out more information about the wonderful projects happening, visit:



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