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Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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Botanical family: Myrtaceae

Botanical name: Eucalyptus staigeriana

Extraction process: Steam distillation

Country of Origin: Australia

Note: Top

Main Chemical Components: Oxides, Monoterpenes

Properties: Analgesic, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic, antiviral, carminative, detoxicant, diuretic, cicatrizant, expectorant, febrifuge, stimulant, vulnerary.

Use: Used for treatment of skin infections and wounds. A powerful oil for respiratory conditions, traditional remedy for asthma, colds and flu.

Additional information: Eucalyptus is stimulating and purifying, can protect the body from disease and viruses by strengthening the immune system. Distinct fresh, fruity, citrus aroma.

10ml  glass bottle with dripulator

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